Friday, February 18, 2011

Meeting Minutes for February 15, 2011

** Pending approval at next meeting **

The Rogers PTO meeting was called to order at 6:15pm by President Melissa Nix. All in attendance were asked to sign in and the sign-in sheet will be attached to the minutes and kept in the minutes binder.

The minutes from the January 11th , 2011 general membership meeting were passed out and reviewed. Jennifer Chervenka made the motion to approve the minutes, Kim Malcik seconded the motion and the motion passed.

Kim Malcik, treasurer, gave the financial report. The current balance in the account is $6095.48.

Recess Snack Shop – this item was tabled until the next meeting in March.

Garage Sale Fundraiser will be held on April 2nd. The date changed from March 4th due to a conflict with the facilities. Anne Ray is chairing this fundraiser. It was decided that we would try to sell breakfast tacos at the garage sale and that we would rent out table space for $10.00 per table. Anne Ray will get flyers put out for advertisement. Melissa Nix will contact Bob Callaghan for approval.

PTO Cookbook Sales – we still have a large amount of cookbooks for sale. Kim Campbell stated that she would contact Lynn Wilde to see if she could place something on the school website stating that we have them for sale and who to contact to purchase one.

PTO Scholarships – Jennifer Chervenka will head up the selection committee, it was discussed that we should have someone from outside of the school district to choose the recipients. Kim Campbell made the motion to have the number of scholarships and the amounts determined by the executive board. Mrs. Hattemer 2nd the motion and the motion passed.

New PTO Address – Melissa Nix informed everyone that the PTO opened their own PO box at the Rogers Post Office due to us not getting our bank statements as they were included in the school mail and were probably getting misplaced. The new address is PO Box 153, Rogers, TX, 76569.

Elementary Field Day T-Shirt Sales – Kim Malcik suggested that we have a design contest, she said she would check with Alligator Graphics to get pricing for this.

TAKS Snacks – this will be discussed at the March meeting.

Corresponding Secretary Vacancy – Kim Campbell nominated Ginger Bennight for this position, Melissa Nix 2nd the nomination and Ginger was elected. Thank you to Ginger for stepping up and taking this position, we really appreciate it!

High School Softball Concession Stand – we have been approved to operate the concession stand for the softball games to raise funds for the PTO. Many people at the meeting volunteered to help work the concession stand and the PTO will contact them when we are up and running. Thank you to all who volunteered. Jennifer Thompson will be in charge and we also want to thank her for doing the legwork for getting the approval.

Glen Kinnard, technology director for Rogers ISD attended our meeting and informed us about the school messenger system and discussed several ways that it could be utilized. He is going to find out if it is possible for the PTO to use it to inform parents of our meetings. He also stated that since the PTO does purchase technology items for the school that he was going to try and attend our meetings to help us to purchase things that are compatible with other technology at the school.

Mrs. Allison stated that the teachers in middle school were really enjoying the items that the PTO purchased this year. Please refer to the school website in the coming weeks for a list of the items the PTO was able to purchase this year for Rogers ISD.

The next meeting date was set for March 8, 2011 at 6:00pm in the Carol Ann Bonds Multipurpose Building.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:29pm by President, Melissa Nix.

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